It's likely that the Krugerrand is the most searched for gold coin on the internet.

First released in 1967, the South African Krugerrand was the first ever bullion coin that could be used as legal tender at its market value, rather than a value stated on its face. Weighing in at an ounce, the value, therefore, was whatever an ounce of South African gold was at the time it was being exchanged. Well, actually, it was 5% over the base rate.

Nowadays, there are different size Krugerrands availableand they are produced at a rate of no more than 1% over the base gold rate.

When apartheid operated in South Africa, it was illegal to import Krugerrands into many European countries.

Nowadays, you will often find Krugerrands for sale at, whilst they will never be cheap, they are very much sought after and seen as a sound investment. The occasional proof Krugerrand appears, too. There is, however, no such thing as a silver Krugerrand.

1980 Gold Krugerrand 1 4 Quarter Ounce Coin

1980 Gold Krugerrand 1 4 Quarter Ounce Coin

Price: £300.00
Time Left: 5h 15m
2002 Proof Half Ounce Krugerrand Gold Coin

2002 Proof Half Ounce Krugerrand Gold Coin

Price: £721.92
Time Left: 5h 26m
1oz gold krugerrand 1983

1oz gold krugerrand 1983

Price: £1,100.00
Time Left: 7h 53m
1oz gold krugerrand 1977

1oz gold krugerrand 1977

Price: £1,100.00
Time Left: 7h 55m


Price: £39.00
Time Left: 14h 22m
Gold coins bars .lot. , EP krugerrand.

Gold coins bars .lot. , EP krugerrand.

Price: £19.99
Time Left: 16h 20m

The Following Krugerrand Article was written by Dennis:

Buying Kruggerands

The history of the kruggerands gold coins dates back to 1967 when the Republic of South African produced the first gold bullion coins. The first kruggerands to be produced in the world had the face of one of South Africa’s first president – Paul Kruger. The production of these coins was a marketing strategy aimed at increasing the volume of gold sold. As it later turned out, the idea was brilliant in that sales skyrocketed as the average person was able to own gold. This was not previously possible as before the introduction of the kruggerands coins, gold was sold in the form of gold bars. Many people could not afford to buy gold in this form. Even with that, there was still a problem because Americans could not own the coin as the laws of the land did not allow them to. The problem was solved when mints conferred the coins legal tender status thus enabling Americans to own the coins.

A kruggerand is a coin made of 1 ounce of gold mixed with other metals. The reason for mixing gold with other metal is to make the coin more durable. Pure gold is very delicate and soft and as a result it is prone to rapid wear and tear. However, this is not necessary in modern times as most of the coins produced are not meant to be used to trade but rather as bullions.

So why is important to hold part of your assets in gold? Below are some reasons why it is advisable to buy kruggerands and hold on to them.

1. A Means of Owing Physical Gold

The United State Treasury holds huge gold reserves through the International Monetary Fund - IMF and the World Bank. Together, these two institutions hold approximately 68% of the world’s gold! This is enough reason for anyone to also do the same. Kruggerands provides people with the opportunity of owning the physical gold.

Protect Yourself from Inflation

Currencies are prone to devaluation due to a myriad of reasons. For this reason, it is not only good practice but also prudent to have some measures in place which can guarantee you some of insulation against this. Having part of your investment in the form of gold will provide a shield as gold prices are not affected by inflation.

2. A form of Wealth

Since time immemorial gold had been considered a form of wealth. This notion is clearer now than ever as the world’s financial institutions experience financial meltdown.

Storage and Transportation Ease

Being small coins and weighing slightly less than an ounce, these coins are easy to transport and carry around.

3. Easily Converted to Money

Gold is recognized the world over and for this reason it is readily in many parts of the world. This provides anyone with gold the double opportunity of been able to preserve his/her wealth and at the same time the option of liquidating his gold stock for cash should the need for money arise.

4. Straight Forward Investment

Buying and selling of kruggerands is a straight forward, transparent deal. Spot prices are readily available and it is easy to authenticate kruggerands. It is much simpler to invest in kruggerands as opposed to investing in complicated financial schemes which are hard to comprehend their viability.