Buying bullion bars is the traditional way of saving money!

Being small in size, yet beautiful to behold, gold bullion bars make the perfect investment.

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--One (1) Gram Alaskan Gold Nuggets **

--One (1) Gram Alaskan Gold Nuggets **

Price: £35.04
Time Left: 39m
2013 India Gold Sovereign

2013 India Gold Sovereign

Price: £547.12
Time Left: 1h 28m
2001 Gold Eagle $25 NGC MS69 - American Gold Eagle AGE

2001 Gold Eagle $25 NGC MS69 - American Gold Eagle AGE

Price: £1,056.67
Time Left: 1h 44m
Schweiz 10 Franken Gold 1922 vz-st

Schweiz 10 Franken Gold 1922 vz-st

Price: £165.31
Time Left: 2h 30m
--One (1) Gram Alaskan Gold Nuggets **

--One (1) Gram Alaskan Gold Nuggets **

Price: £35.19
Time Left: 2h 31m

The following article was written by Dennis, a keen gold collector:

Buying Gold Bullions - Diversify Your Portfolio

Every serious investor knows that to make the most returns from your money, you need to spread it out among the different available investment options. Spreading the portfolio minimizes the risk of loss that comes from one type of investment. Stocks, shares, real estate, securities, government bonds and now gold bullions are some of the ways you can diversify your investment.

Gold as an investment

History tells us that gold was for a long time used as a measure of value until this role was usurped by money. It is one of the most precious metals that exist and is therefore inherently valuable. In the modern society, the price of gold does not lie solely with its inherent worth. It is also dictated by the laws of demand and supply as with all other commodities.

However, these laws only affect the price to a small extent compared to all other forms of investment placing gold high on the list of safe bets as far as investment is concerned. When you buy gold as an investor, you are protected against any downfall that may arise as a result of an economic crisis.

Gold bullions

You can either invest in gold directly or indirectly. Gold bullion bars and coins are one way of owning gold directly. Indirect investment involves buying gold certificates, shares and other representatives of the same.

In the past, gold could only be purchased in 400 ounce bars and heavy coins. Today, you can purchase gold bullions that are as small as one gram or one ounce. Gold bullions come in either gold bars or gold coins varying in size and weight. They contain pure unadulterated metal content.

When buying gold bullion coins and bars it is important to note that the smaller the bullions the higher the premium you pay on them. In addition, small gold bullions are not a good investment option as they may not fetch their purchase cost when sold at a later date. To get the best value for your money, ensure that you buy the biggest gold bullion bars your can afford instead of many small ones. Gold coins are also an expensive investment option as they are small and involve a detailed and costly fabrication process.

Before making the purchase, look into storage options. Gold bullions can be kept at home in a safe, in bank vaults depending on their size and safety deposit boxes.

The buying processing

The first question to ask is where do you purchase gold bullions? A well established mint or dealer and banks are your best options. Walk into these places when you have the amount you intend to spend in mind and look through the selection of gold bars and coins they have to offer.

Compare the standard value of gold per ounce or gram with the price of the bullion bars in each place. With this comparisons at hand, pick the gold bullion bars that have the lowest margin. Pay for your bullions and obtain a certificate for your purchase to facilitate selling them later.

Gold bullions are not limited to serious investors only. Their small nature makes it possible for anyone to be able to buy them. You can pick them up as a hobby or if you so wish as a very impressive gift for that special someone.